Play Is Essential for Preschool

I attended a meeting two weeks ago, and one of the topics was play versus academics in the early education environment.  We were asked to to stand to either side of the room with the headings being “Just Let Me Play” and “Academic Common Core Ready.”  I know that children lern through play and preschool students engage their whole body in play to understand the world around them.  The concern with that is children do not get outside to play like they did years ago creating fun with their environment.  This article brings to light what research states about threats to preschool play.  During the meeting, I chose to stand next to “Academic Common Core Ready,” because I believe you can balance the two by merging them together.  If play is planned with intentionality, students will learn academically through fun filled activities.


2 thoughts on “Play Is Essential for Preschool

  1. My favorite memory of teaching preschoolers was observing them playing in the dramatic play or dress up area. Watching them play and interact socially was the highlight of the day. Their personalities really sparked and I could see how they handled conflicts. The learning was being captured and curated in those precious moments of play. Play and role-playing are essential for development. By using their imagination, it supports cognition and helps children determine fantasy from reality.Then, when it is time for more structured activities like reading, writing and mathematics, preschoolers will be ready to process the abstract concepts because they learned how to problem-solve through play.

    • La Tanya, I couldn’t agree more. The students come alive during dramatic play. You learn some insightful things when you watch and interact with them during play.

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