PKM Sentiments

This video describes how I feel, now that I have learned about Personal Knowledge Management. My first question was, why? Now that I know why, I believe we have all become super readers through researching, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, blogging, and posting. We have become familiar with so much had we not had this experience, where would we be? As the song states, “we changed the story (seek, capture), we solved the problem (sense, curate), we worked together so hip hip hooray (share,create)! The super readers saved the day!!


4 thoughts on “PKM Sentiments

  1. Tracey,
    This is one of my 5-year-old’s favorite cartoons. I must admit that it initially got on my nerves (lol), but as I paid closer attention I really began to like the concepts and lessons being taught. The most important lesson I think being portrayed is that ‘you have the ability to write or re-write your own story’.

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