Closing The Digital Divide in Seniors (65+)

Is it our moral obligation to bridge the gap between the technological haves and have not’s? According to Edwards (2014), in Every Child, Every Day, “The moral obligation to bridge the digital divide is the driving force behind our digital conversation initiative. If students are provided the right tool and support, regardless of social-economic status, they can achieve academically.” This video takes it beyond the walls of the classroom, and speaks about bridging the gap for our Senior Citizens. By doing so, it will help them tread uncharted waters, stimulate their brain, feel successful, connect with the world through a different medium as well as, spark new conversation and engagement with their grandchildren. Awesome learning curve for both.


One thought on “Closing The Digital Divide in Seniors (65+)

  1. Just this week I was talking to my choir director about our Fall Dinner Theater Fundraiser (I’m the choreographer). We are going with an “Oscar Night” theme and I tossed out the idea of “gamification” and letting the audience vote for winners. I immediately thought about using Twitter to tally the votes, but then I backtracked and we settled on good old ballots. We agreed that the older audience that really supports our community choir would be too challenged by the technology. Don’t you wonder how many decades this transformation will really take? We can’t leave our 60+ population (and there are A LOT of them!) in the dark.

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