Reflection – Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM)

In my quest for knowledge, I came across this article that supports my understanding of Personal Knowledge Management Systems.  Life in general must have some sort of organization to it.  We have been utilizing many PKM Systems and did not realize it. For example, how you map out your day at work from meetings, organization of files, to making phone calls?  How are you able to put your hands on the items you need at the time you need them?  Where do you have them stored to make your life easier? How do you sort through all of the information to determine if it is what you need? Where do you place it, until you can get to it?  I’m sure you have a system you use to support those efforts.

Next, planning to spend time with those that mean the most to you.  How do you plan for vacation? How do you store your pictures and retrieve them to share with others?  What about your hopes, dreams, visions, and goals? How do you seek information, sort through it, and share this with others (ex. Business Plan)?  How do you go after the Gold/Goal?!  To accomplish this, maybe you use a travel agent, a camera card, and a financial or marketing adviser.  Whatever the tool, you utilize a system to get the job done.

How do I gather, organize, store, and retrieve information?  In the past, I would have placed it in a journal, used sticky notes, notebooks, scratch pieces of paper, and flash drives.  Now, I utilize various technology tools, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Notepad, iCloud to store and/or share files; WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share with others; Zotero, Google+, and Perla to help with storing my research information.  Ask someone about their PKM system, it will strike a great conversation.


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