The Net Generation Versus Apple II

This video depicts how far we have come with technology. The Apple II is unveiled to a group of children from the age range of 6 – 13. These children are considered the ‘net generation’ because they were born at a time when technology is apart of their everyday life, unlike the generations before who evolved through the process of technology as it was designed. Their comments are hilarious as they try to figure out how this piece of technology works or doesn’t work for that matter. Enjoy!

(At the end of the video are other icons that you can click on to watch, for example how teens react to the first internet or their reaction to the walkman).


2 thoughts on “The Net Generation Versus Apple II

  1. From the mouths of babes! Their commentary is so insightful. I can remember being the age of some of the kids in this video and having an Apple II in my 1st or 2nd grade class. We used to talk about how rich our teacher must have to been to be able to bring this into our classroom. I remember thinking that teachers must make a lot of money! Thanks for sharing! Great video!

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