When making sense of any information obtained, I use the following in my PKM system:

1. Dropbox

2. Google Drive

3. iCloud

I have so many flash drives and an external hard drive (1TB). Dropbox and Google Drive are user friendly because they are cloud storages. No longer do I have to be concerned about losing valuable information and/or carrying those devices around with me.

I use Dropbox at work and home to share files, store information and upload pictures. I was introduced to Google Drive, once I became a doctoral student. I find myself using that tool more, it has become my new Dropbox.

When it come to storing my research article information, I’m from the old school finding myself typing everything out. Once I was introduced to Zotero, I thought, “how cool is that!” I still need much practice with that tool.

Also, I will be adding Evernote to my PKM system because I like the features.


One thought on “Curating

  1. I thought I liked Dropbox. But very quickly I used up all the free space. They wanted $10/month for the next level of storage, which certainly would have been more than enough. But I can buy two terabytes on an external hard drive for a little over a hundred dollars. And I recently bought a USB = 128 gigabytes for $75. Both of these alternatives are cheaper than the Dropbox annuity of $120/year.

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