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When making sense of any information obtained, I use the following in my PKM system:

1. Dropbox

2. Google Drive

3. iCloud

I have so many flash drives and an external hard drive (1TB). Dropbox and Google Drive are user friendly because they are cloud storages. No longer do I have to be concerned about losing valuable information and/or carrying those devices around with me.

I use Dropbox at work and home to share files, store information and upload pictures. I was introduced to Google Drive, once I became a doctoral student. I find myself using that tool more, it has become my new Dropbox.

When it come to storing my research article information, I’m from the old school finding myself typing everything out. Once I was introduced to Zotero, I thought, “how cool is that!” I still need much practice with that tool.

Also, I will be adding Evernote to my PKM system because I like the features.

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Using Web Technology to Teach Students

The digital age is here and it is moving rather quickly, so quickly that it can be trying to keep up if it isn’t your regular practice.  Students of the 21st century are learning using different modalities, such as on-line courses, interacting with technology in class using polls texting their answers, blogging, tweeting, and podcast.  Also, through this medium of learning, students are able to share their views with their instructor and colleagues taking teaching and learning to a new level.  As I am researching this topic, I was drawn to an article regarding teens and technology and their innovativeness with the use of technology and the internet.  Their use has increased over the years and their ability to stay connected to the world.  This has changed the face of how adults must change their views to stay connected with the world around them.

Digital Conversion

Digital Conversion is upon us with in the educational organization.  Students are being transitioned from the paper-based world to the digital world throughout the educational environment, which changes the face of teaching and learning as we know it.  In preparing students for the 21st Century, laptop computers are available to each student by way of a check out system.  Each student is able to complete their class and homework assignments by using their laptop. In Mooresville, NC, educators are linking technology to achievement through their laptop programs.  Digital conversion seems to be the wave of the country, and there are some educational organizations who have stumbled upon bumps in the road as they try to implement digital curriculum, for example the Los Angeles Unified School District who was unsuccessful in obtaining their digital curriculum for their iPads program from Pearson. Hopefully, as they work out the kinks the students/teachers will be able to utilize the curriculum next school year.

As I reflect upon the readings about digital conversion, I too am in the learning phase of moving from paper to the digital world. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I have updated my personal knowledge management system by taking what is valuable to me and turning it into knowledge, for example the information obtained through the various assignments has challenged my thinking and caused me to dig deeper when completing assignments, such as using Zotero to manage research articles. At the end of the day, when I have accomplished a goal, I hear the theme song from the movie, “Rocky,” when he made it to the top of the stairs with uplifted arms; yes, that would be the feeling of accomplishment.

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Quote of the Da…

Quote of the Day

Education:  The window of opportunity, the road to success! – Rene’

What are your thoughts?

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